Perpetual Server Drive

Honesty. Have you noticed how some websites are always asking for money for new servers or software upgrades year after year?

Fresh Air will not participate in such non-sense. We purchase server space from a large Hosting company and the software we use is the latest and most up-to-date release. In other words we will never need to buy a server and only purchase software upgrades that will improve security. Our software was written by a reputable software company not by some "Luke Skywalker" who lives somewhere on Tatooine with Mum.

When money is needed to sustain our community all costs and expenses will be posted for all to see. We are not in business to make a profit or pay, we are a support community focused on truly helping others. Is not this the way it should be? Thanks to each one of you for helping to build a HOME for our community to thrive and grow.

Welcome. Take a look around,  take in the Fresh Air, and make the most of your time spent here.